Pellon offers complete solutions for feeding animals. Our operation is based on improving the competitiveness of our customers by developing the productivity, efficiency, easy-care, reliability of operation and the wellfare of animals in the production units. We offer an advanced, automated solution, where the production process can be controlled as an entity.


ID-Import is a company providing high quality RFID solutions for agricultural use. For our customers we are an innovative long-term partner who is able to offer technology for livestock management flexibly and taking the customer's needs into account. Our aim is to further develop our services for food production in such a way that our solutions can be utilized throughout the whole production chain, regardless of time and place, thus advancing the food safety and quality.


A-Farmers Ltd is Atria Finland's subsidiary. Our most important task is to acquire ethically produced Finnish meat raw material for Atria Finland. Another important task is to develop the Finnish pork and beef production along with the farmers. We offer them know-how services in development, production, feeding and in economy.

We operate all over the country and we have cooperation with more than 6000 farms. We acquire over 40 % of Finnish beef and pork.

An important part of our services for farmers are also A-Rehu's feed, feed components and agricultural equipments