Chifin works on the fields of biotech and food safety. In the food safety area, Chifin works to promote the communication and cooperation between ShFDA and EVIRA. Chifin provides consulting services and laboratory equipments for food safety solutions to Chinese food production enterprises. Chifin also provides third party supervision, training and GLP services for fast food companies and slaughterhouses for ShFDA. From Innovation To Application, Chifin's long-term goal is to bring innovative technologies and products to Chinese market and to promote their application in China. Chifin is part of the Areva Group companies, a family enterprise established in the 1950´s having its headquarter in Salo, Finland. Areva Group companies work in Construction, design and project management, Renewable energy and Life science sectors with the total annual revenue of more than 10MEur and over 100 employees globally.